Online Open Learning Course for Ships’ Cook Certificate at CTS in Stranraer, Scotland

Thanks to chef Anton for heads up on this new provider of Ships’ Cook Certificate

They charge £665 which is significantly cheaper than your other options in Aberdeen and France

This one is slightly different as they allow you to study at home prior to sitting the assessment.

If you would like to book onto the course please contact Caroline Poland on 01387 734269.

Details below and at website CLICK HERE

Ships Cook Information

In order to qualify as a ships cook and to satisfy the Merchant Shipping Notice No. M.1846 ‘Certificates of Competency as Ship’s Cooks’ the cook must:

  • be at least 18 years of age

  • have attended an approved course and have at least 1 month of sea service as second cook or cooks assistant OR hold an appropriate cookery qualification (e.g. City And Guilds 706 1, 2 or 3; S/NVQ 2 or 3; or equivalent qualification) and not less than 1 month sea service; OR have at least 12 months working in a catering establishment and not less than 1 month sea service

  • have passed an approved examination for ships cooks. It is recommended that ships cooks have also completed appropriate food hygiene training.

*Please note: Food Hygiene certification should be less than 5 years old to be recognised by the MCA. If you require to update this qualification we have a REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene course available via e-learning for £70*

Sea experience should be recent and needs to be evidenced, normally using the discharge book. Other proof of service could be accepted.

This course is an Online Open Learning course and once you have completed an enrolment form and returned this with payment of £665 we will forward you the login details to access your training materials.

There are two Flexible Revision Packs within the course, which you should complete and return for marking and feedback. You will then be asked to complete a Tutor Assignment which is timed and should be completed under ‘exam’ conditions and again returned for marking.

To assist you with completing the written assessments and the written and practical exams you will need to have the following two books:

  • Practical Cookery, 13th Edition for Level NVQs and Apprenticeships: Level 2 by David Foskett, Neil Rippington, Patricia Paskins, Steve Thorpe (ISBN: 9781471839573)

  • The Theory of Hospitality and Catering for levels 3 and 4 by David Foskett and Patricia Paskin with Cersrani; Rippington; Weeks; Pennington and Hambleton. (ISBN: 9781444123760)

  • Please note: The Theory of Catering 11th Edition by Ceserani and Kinton which is out of print now may still be used instead of the The Theory of Hospitality and Catering.

If your tutor assignment is of a suitable standard you will then be invited to attend the College campus for 2 days when you will undertake two practical exams and a theory exam. On successful completion of these exams your Ships Cook Certificate will be logged with the MCA and a registration number given.

We will require a copy of your Discharge Book to confirm your eligibility for the course before you can commence.


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