Applying for the certificate once you have completed the assessment – explained!

Ok, so you have done the Assessment and want to apply for the certificate from the MCA and need some help.. here goes…

CLICK HERE to download the application form which indicates clearly what you need to send to apply… 

Here is some additional info on what a chef sent to get the certificate issued. The chef had done the Assessment at Secrets de Cuisine in Antibes.

The chef asked who would be ok to sign and certify their docs and the reply and email trail is below… 


Dear X,
Thank you for your application for a Ships’ Cook Certificate of Competency. We received your documents at this office on 16th February 2015.
We note that at that time you sent the following documents for our assessment;
  1. A completed MSF 4395 application form.
  2. Certified passport sized photographs (x2).
  3. Copy of your ENG1 Seafarers Medical Certificate.
  4. Copy of your certificate of completion of an Assessment in Marine Cookery issued by Bluewater.
  5. Copies of your certificates in the STCW95 basic training issued by Red Ensign.
  6. Copy of your Certificate of Proficiency in STCW Security Awareness Training and Designated Security Duties issued by the ABC Maritime School.
  7. Copy of your Level 2 Award in Food Safety in catering issued by City & Guilds.
  8. Copy of extracts from your discharge books.
  9. Copies of various professional certificates in the catering industry (x2) and University of Westminster.
  10. Testimonials of Sea Service and qualification, certified by your employer x4.
  11. Copy of your British passport.
  12. Covering letter.
We recognise that you are clearly a very highly qualified Ships’ Cook with a great deal of professional experience, and that you have built a strong reputation for quality as described in the testimonials you have submitted. In order for us to be able to issue you with this certificate however, please be advised of the information below.
The MCA can only accept documentation to support applications in either their original form, or as certified true copies. We recognise that you mention in your covering letter having made an enquiry to our office with respect to this issue and we apologise for any confusion, however plain copies such as those you have submitted cannot be accepted. Acceptable certification of documents can be done in a similar way to the ‘counter-signing’ associated with passport photographs such as those you have submitted; though is usually done by a previous employer such as the Master of a vessel you have worked on with the ships’ stamp included. Therefore we ask you to re-submit the documents listed above as 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 11 in the described fashion.
We will hold your application pending receipt of the documents described above. However, if you have any queries, further to the information above, regarding the application process, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
I hope this information has been on assistance to you. Thank you for your cooperation.
Seafarers Section,
Registry of Shipping and Seamen
Dear MCA

Thank you for your email. Currently I am in between jobs and at my home in Spain. I an not able to go back to a previous yacht to have the certificates verified. Would you accept copies verified by the Teacher, who signed the photograph? Or if you could recommend someone who would be acceptable.

 Many thanks
Dear X,
Thank you for your reply. I can confirm that a teacher, signing in a professional capacity would be an appropriate person to certify true copies of your documents.
I hope this information has been on assistance to you. Thank you for your cooperation.
Seafarers Section,
Registry of Shipping and Seamen

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