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Ok, I will try to use this page to list your questions and any answers I can offer. If you want to add any comments please do so so that your own experiences can help others!




Where can I take the Marine Cookery Assessment for the Ships cook Certificate?


The current options for yacht related SCC assessments are listed at


What food safety courses do Cayman Registry accept? 


Nov 2015: Must be advanced.. see update at


Food Safety L2 courses .. I hear online is not acceptable to MCA?


Online food hygiene courses are not recognised by MCA. The course qualification numbers must be listed on their acceptable list which can be found at



I wondered if anyone who had done the SCC could give me advice on whether I should do the preliminary course first?


read what a chef has written about his experiences at SCC at



Comments: Hi There, Im just wanting to know if you can help me. I have been a chef for over 15 years on land and yachts, I have completed a 4 year cooking apprenticeship in australia, and have recently completed courses in bread and food hygiene. Do I still need to complete the cooks ship certificate? and also where can I complete it in the USA or Caribbean and I am in Saint Maarten now. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Kind Regards, L P.s Im currently employed


If you have any questions on the SCC, you must contact Roger Towner (Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen at the MCA) and as he is the most senior person at The MCA dealing with SCC he can answer any of your questions.

His office is at Tel : +44 (0) 23 8032 9328

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  • Elliott Pearse

    Hi there I’m in need of a ships cook certificate. I have been told that city and guild certificates help in this matter is this correct and how do I go about it ?

  • Elliott Pearse

    ive been told that city and guild certificates help with the ships cook certification, is this correct and how do i go about it i need to get my ships cook done ASAP.

    • Hi Elliott, the MCA in UK used to give prior accreditation for chefs with UK, Scottish or Irish chef quals.
      But for last 3 years they dont appear to give this any more.
      But I would recommend you contact the MCA in UK and sk them if they will accept your chef certs? Worth a try before you spend money on the marine cookery assessment.
      The marine cookery assessment is the assessment of you chefs skills, working methods, hygiene and knowledge of marpol, catering for dietary and religious requirements for crew.
      Currently the only MCA approved centres for doing the marine cookery assessment are in London and Scotland. Click main nav link for ‘where to do assessment’ and make sure you do it at one of the MCA Approved centres if you want a ships cook certificate issued by MCA.
      Once you have the marine cookery assessment passed, and the necessary sea time you can send all your docs to the MCA and ask for a ships cook certificate.
      You can choose to sit the marine cookery assessment approved by the Cayman Islands in Fort Lauderdale or in Antibes but this currently wont allow you to get a UK MCA ships cook cert.
      Different flag states have different rules regarding SCC so check first before doing assessment as you might not need it!
      All the info on applying etc and the centres in UK are on this site
      Good luck!

      • Hello. Do you know if the C&G 705 General Catering qualification is a suitable qualification for getting a ships cook ticket?

        • Hi John, not sure what you mean? If you are asking if by having the C&G 705 qual you dont need to do the marine cookery assessment then that is a question of prior accreditation and you will need to ask the UK MCA Seafarer Dept directly. From what I understand they are not accepting accepting prior accreditation any more.
          Contact Registry of Shipping and Seamen if you need to apply for the UK MLC ship’s cook certificate of competency or if you have a query about your application:

          Tel: +44 (0)203 90 85206


        • Ivonne

          Hi All. Is it possible for someone with a EU – German passport to work on a American registered/flagged vessel in Europe? The owners are Swiss. I am wondering if this is OK or not? Thank you

  • Hi there,

    Once you’ve sent your documents, in what length of time does the application take to process?


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