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MCA only accepts instructor lead food hygiene courses

The MCA has clarified its position on online e-learning food hygiene courses in an email below.

NOTE: It is only the instructor led course held  via a virtual classroom that will be accepted by MCA or of course attending a course in person delivered by an instructor.

So, if you want to apply for the SCC from the MCA you must sit the instructor lead course as per the MCA Approved list of course providers and verify the qualification is on that list before sitting it.

Other flag states have their own rules so this only applies to MCA recognised food hygiene courses and if you are applying for MCA issued ships cook certificate.

If it is an eLearning course (i.e. via on-line training platform not a virtual class room led by an instructor) it is not acceptable now by MCA.

Here is the email:

MCA food hygiene courses update
MCA food hygiene courses update

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