MCA Ships’ Cook Certificate of Competency?

Ships Cook Certificate of Competency? What you need to know!

I have built this blog to offer FREE advice to chefs looking for info and advice on the Ships Cook Certificate of Competency

I run a chef agency for yacht chefs called so I receive telephone calls and emails almost every day from chefs wondering if this assessment applies to them and where they can do the course, why its been introduced etc…

I will add new updates to the site as posts so click the link in the main menu called UPDATES or go to

Info on the ILO can be found at—ed_dialogue/—sector/documents/normativeinstrument/wcms_218575.pdf

I have tried to gather enough info to help chefs on various flagged yachts.

Feel free to add your input and info you have received so we can share with other chefs.

Thanks. Efrem at


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