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Cayman Islands Registry clarification of food safety course

Just wanted to share an update I got from Cayman Is registry today.. this follows a telephone call from a head chef on a Cayman flag yacht who asked my advice. He had just joined the 75m+ yacht and been told he needed the ‘advanced’ food safety course.. 

So I contacted Cayman Registry and got the replies below which I am therefore sharing with you all..

Relates to which food safety courses they accept on their flagged vessels.

Basically they (Cayman Registry) want to see chefs have an ADVANCED level course..

This will be different for each country around the world but essentially if it says its advanced then it should be acceptable.. 

My advice is if you are working on a Caymans flagged vessel to contact them if you have any questions on this.

Contact them at

For information on the Ships cook Cert and Cayman vessels read the SHIPPING NOTICE 07/2014 Shipping Notice at

Part 2, 6.1 to 6.5 covers what they accept regarding SCC. 

In UK this equates to the CIEH Level 4 course which is 5 days.

Here is what I received from them today..  


Their reply-

Dear Efrem,

Thank you for your email.

As per our Shipping Notice we accept existing experience on shore or on a vessel and do not require a Ships Cook Certificate as there is no internationally agreed qualification, though we accept SCC qualifications from certain countries, however even if existing experience is accepted all chefs on vessel of 10 or more crew MUST have also completed a course in advanced food hygiene and preparation. This must be done face-to-face and cannot be completed online. It is for the chef and shipowner to demonstrate that they have this qualification.


Policy Officer & Shipping Master

Cayman Registry  |  A Division of Cayman Maritime




My email-

Thanks, appreciate the prompt reply and will let my chefs know..
Interesting that you require Advanced food hygiene.. I had thought it was intermediate.. Good thing is that with Advanced the chefs can then train all other crew so whole yacht has the right training in food hygiene..
This is the course you mean?

Their reply-

Dear Efrem,

Thanks for the reply.

It is management level we require and though the exact level varies with provider I believe that is normally level 3 but we are interested in the advanced element rather than the level number.

It is obviously beneficial if the chefs can train other crew as part of their familiarisation as all crew involved in food handling such as Stews require training in basic hygiene and preparation.


My Email-

Hi again, just to 100% clarify.. as long as its an advanced course, you will accept.. not the level number..
Just want to  make sure I give right info..

So in USA this course?

In UK Level 4 as I understand is termed ‘Advanced’. The Level 3 is intermediate..

In Oz this one?


Their reply-

Yes advanced/management level is the key not the number.

Cannot comment on specific courses but the level looks correct for each they will need to ensure that the syllabus covers advanced hygiene.


4 thoughts on “Cayman Islands Registry clarification of food safety course

  • Guadalupe

    HI I’m in Miami I want to know how I can get ship cook certificate for cayman island

  • Mutlu naime sayar

    I am qualified chef on 39meter private sailing yacht and having difficulty to implement basic hygiene rules in my working environment because my crew thinks on private vessel this rules are not necessary. I need to show them some documents about it. As a chef we are responsible from food safety and hygiene . Can you please advise me where I can print out obligations of the chefs in this aspect


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