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What level Food Safety Certificate does Cayman Islands accept?

The Cayman Islands accept supervisor level (Level 3) food safety as minimum level for their flagged vessels.

The confusion arose because they said management/advanced which in fact is one level higher.

If you want to check I always advise contacting Cayman’s directly at contacts below but in essence if you have a supervisor or advanced/management food safety cert this should be acceptable.

So if you have basic Level 2 you will need to upgrade and get the Level 3 or supervisor if on a Caymans flagged vessel

At end of day it is an investment in your training and development as a chef on yachts so should be looked at positively and hopefully all crew will be asked to have at least level 2 in time so that food safety knowledge and standards are raised in the industry.

Regarding whether its Level 3 or 4 then it is also what a captain wants you to have. If he/she or the management company decide supervisor is not what they want for their head chefs then its them as the yacht owner’s representatives who will decide.

SUMMARY: As long as you have supervisor level you should be fine.


Efrem – Antibes

See the Cayman’s update at


James Hatcher
Policy Officer & Shipping Master
Cayman Registry  |  A Division of Cayman Maritime
O:  + 44 (0) 1489 799 203  |  D: + 44 (0) 1489 774 160  |  M: + 44 (0) 7818 596 134  |  F: + 44 (0) 1489 799 204


3 thoughts on “What level Food Safety Certificate does Cayman Islands accept?

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  • EXTRA INFO: Please don’t get confused between what level food safety and what level chef qualifiations Cayman accepts.. its all down in black and white in Caymans state in SHIPPING NOTICE 07/2014 section 6.3.1. states what quals they will accept.. see…/SN%2007…/2014_07_CISN_R1.pdf

  • Well explained I could not have put this better myself. I think the level 3 is a fantastic course giving confidece to the supervisor that a food safety managment system is being understood, followed and verified to show due dilligence. It is a big undertaking to be responsible for Food Safety on board any vessel of any size. Having confidence in yourself and the rest of the crew is vital. I would suggest food safety level 3 and HACCP Level 3 provides an excellent knowledgde base for peace of mind. Why take the risk!


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