About the assessment: We offer a an approved Certificate of Competency as a Ships Cook it takes 12 weeks full time at college 2×6 week with work experience in between. To chefs with chef qualifications …  However if someone has proven experience in the industry and an appropriate food hygiene certificate but […]

City of Glasgow & Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment

13.6.16: Yachtwork have stopped doing SCC assessments .  See Glasgow, South Shields and Secrets de Cuisine pages for info on their offerings. more as soon as I get the info .. Efrem  

Yachtwork Portsmouth stop SCC for yachts

South Tyneside College 2
SHIPS COOK CERTIFICATE: SOUTH SHIELDS COLLEGE? What was doing their course like? A chef shares his experience… As with a coin there are two sides and the same goes for the ship’s cook certificate: you can either pay Secrets de Cuisine (Bluewater) more money and do it in Antibes in […]


If you are working on an Isle of Man flagged yacht and were wondering about ship’s cook certificate implications here is all you need to know.. The Isle of Man MLN 3.2 states in detail all guidance related to this.. it relates to yachts with 6 or more seafarers working […]

Ships Cook Certificate and Isle of Man? Update!

Last week I had a phone call from a Canadian chef about SCC so told her to contact Transport Canada directly and this is what she found out.. hope you find it of use..  Hello Efrem; I’m happy that the MCA recognizes the Canadian SCC. All countries recognized are listed […]

Canada – Ship’s Cook Certificate info

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Ok, I have just been on the phone with Georgie from Yachtwork in Portsmouth, UK. She now runs the Ships Cook Assessment there and is approved by MCA and offers chefs with the right prior chef qualifications with the ability to only have to sit the half day written assessment […]

Yachtwork & Accreditation of Prior Learning?

The Cayman Islands accept supervisor level (Level 3) food safety as minimum level for their flagged vessels. The confusion arose because they said management/advanced which in fact is one level higher. If you want to check I always advise contacting Cayman’s directly at contacts below but in essence if you have […]

What level Food Safety Certificate does Cayman Islands accept?

Just wanted to share an update I got from Cayman Is registry today.. this follows a telephone call from a head chef on a Cayman flag yacht who asked my advice. He had just joined the 75m+ yacht and been told he needed the ‘advanced’ food safety course..  So I […]

Cayman Islands Registry clarification of food safety course

The latest update on which qualifications are acceptable by MCA is found at Under the MLC Minimum Requirements Regulations all ships’ cooks and other persons processing food in the galley are to be suitably qualified in food hygiene or food safety in catering. Recognised food hygiene or food safety qualifications […]

MLC 2006 update on Food Safety courses recognised by MCA ...