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Update on Ships Cook Certificate applying direct to MCA

Just for anyone looking to find out if they can apply diect for SCC to the MCA here is some comments today on Facebook regarding this… hope it helps. regards. Efrem


  • Cedric Seguela  It is not possible to apply straight to the MCA without succeeding the assessment in marine cookery. Unless you already hold a ship’s cook certificate issued under regulation 1981.The most accurate and informative link is the following :…/

  • Beth Scott . Cedric Seguela you can do so. there are a few chefs now, myself included who have not had to do the S&C marine cookery course as we have presented adequate certification that pertains to show that we have the ‘equivalent’ . Perhaps it has changed now, and we were the lucky few.
  • Cedric Seguela Hi Beth Scott, defenelty very lucky, the MCA has confirmed several times that the assessment in marine cookery is needed for everyone who is intending to apply for a ship’s cook certificate of competency. However, It is correct that it has been a bit of internal communication issues at some point, it is over now. Equivalence is possible as long as this was under the ship’s cook regulation 1981 Part I and II. There are very very few people with such a training.
    So Cedric is saying that if you have the original two part Ships Cook Cert 1 & 2 form merchant navy days then you can apply for the new SCC without doing the assessment. 

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